Bruce Lee Slam Man

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The Bruce Lee Slam Man is a reaction trainer, perfect for boxing and martial arts studios as well as home gyms. Training with the slam man is a creative way to burn calories quickly. Everyone can train with a slam man and it provides a new, interesting dimension for your workout.

The slam man is an excellent tool for cardio workout, which helps to improve speed, agility, accuracy and hand/eye coordination through light sequence workouts. The goal of the slam man is to hit as fast as possible the last of eight up flashing light. The Bruce Lee Slam Man enables you to replicate a professional boxers workout, naturally firming up and toning the different muscle groups.

  • 15 different boxing programs, 3 levels of resistance
  • Moulded foam striking surface
  • Base and torso built from a high density blow moulded polyethylene plastic
  • Base can be filled with sand to weigh up to 108kg / 240lbs
  • Dimension: 47 x 41 x 183 cm


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