Carbon Claw Reaction Ball

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The importance of hand eye co-ordination in conjunction with reflex speed is crucial to develop your performance skills.

To get the best out of the Impact GX-3 Series reaction ball then position it to allow you a full 360 degree rotation around it as this will also help you practice movement and balancing skills as well.

Made from a flexible and durable synthetic material its smooth surface along with the consistent machine stitched seams ensures the ball is cylindrical and streamlined.

The sewn in rubber bladder has a butile valve to minimise air loss, and to function effectively it needs to be inflated to the correct pressure and will require regular on going inflation checks to maintain performance.

To increase or reduce the rebound speed of the ball you will need to tension the straps accordingly.

The Impact reaction ball measures 9 inches in length which allows for a slightly larger area to practice and hone those boxing skills on.

Straps purchased separately

Inflation P.S.I – Maximum 4lbs pressure

Do not over inflate.


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