Endura Fitness Pro Shrug & Deadlift Bar



The Endura Fitness Pro Shrug & Deadlift Bar is designed for heavy shrug and dead lift sessions. Offering a more ergonomic lifting position and therefore less strain on your back and more effective targeting of your traps.

Sleeves are machined to a precise 1.975” diameter to accommodate 2” Olympic Plates.

This is a professional grade bar and is warranted for use in commercial facilities, but will also make for the most premium home gym product.

Key Features:

  • High quality steel bar with diamond knurling for maximum grip.
  • For use with Olympic 2″ weights.
  • Perfect for shrugs deadlifts, farmers walk, squats.
  • Ideal for working traps and shoulder muscles.
  • Relieves emphasis on lower back when deadlifting.
  • Step through design provides safe training position.
  • Easy to load bar Olympic bar ends.