The NOHrD Bike in Ash



The NOHrD Bike in Ash’s technical features include an innovative gear unit, as well as a smooth, wear-free brake technology based on eddy current, guaranteeing extraordinary durability. Pedal stroke resistance is precise and infinitely variable by turning the setting disc. With this stunning bike, you get a fantastic addition to your home decor as well as a top-quality training session.

The NOHrD Bike is designed for maximal stability within minimal space: requiring a mere 0.44 sq meters, this piece of exercise equipment seamlessly fits into any interior environment. The foot sections are equipped with rubberized rollers for easy raising and positioning.


  • Impressive 1:8 ratio planetary gear unit.
  • Pedal stroke: infinitely variable / resistance: magnetic brake.
  • Saddle bar extension: 17.5cm.
  • Suitable for body height range: 160cm – 200cm.
  • Hybrid pedals (compatible with SPD clip system).
  • Innovative NOHrD Bike exercise app included.
  • 60KG product weight.
  • Floor space 80cm x 60cm.
  • Max user weight 200KG.
  • Flywheel 5.5KG.
  • Constructed from American Ash wood.
  • Handlebar extension 27.5cm.
  • Fully adjustable 30 degree saddle.
  • Battery pack, integrated USB charger socket included.
  • Rubber wheels for easy manoevering.
  • 10 to 12 week waiting time