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Rain or shine, running is always possible with the Tunturi Competence T10. Running is the sport to keep your physical condition on a level. The Competence T10 features 40 different workout programs. These programs challenges your physical condition with adjustable speed and angle of inclination. During your workout, you are able to read all the important values on the display of the monitor, like speed, distance, heart rate, angle of inclination and resistance level. This gives you more insights into your workout.

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ProForm Suspension Trainer

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Tunturi Platinum PRO Air Bike

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York Fitness 50KG Black Cast Iron Barbell & Dumbbell Spinlock Set

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York Fitness Quest Rowing Machine

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York Fitness 20 KG Black Cast Iron Dumbbell Spinlock Set

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York Fitness Home Squat Set

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York Fitness 2800 Power Cage Home Gym

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York Fitness 401 Home Gym

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York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike

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