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The benefits of the Tunturi HG40 Strength Station – Home Gym
✓ Complete and versatile home gym with which to train all the muscles in your body
✓ Compact and complete model and ideal for use at home and at the gym
✓ The weight stack cover reduces noise during your workout
✓ You sit comfortably thanks to the adjustable seat and backrest

The versatile all-in-one strength station from Tunturi. 
The HG40 Strength Station comes with various standard training functions, but also has extra additions to make your workout even more challenging and more fun. The bench seat and backrest are adjustable, so you sit comfortably while you exercise.

The home gym has a high pulley with a curved bar and a low pulley with a straight bar. With the high pulley, you can do exercises like ab crunches, triceps pushdowns or lat pulls. The low pulley is suitable for exercises like seated and upright row or the biceps curl. You can attach various training materials to the pulley, like a row grip or triceps rope, using a special snap hook. The home gym has an adjustable chest-shoulder press and a separate horizontal butterfly press for an intense arm training session. The bench is equipped with a leg trainer at the front, for some serious leg workouts.

The steel HG40 strength station has a stack of 13 weights, each weighing 5 kg (11 lbs). The weight stack is covered by a sturdy cover. Contrary to a metal protective cover, the cover gives a quieter effect and does not amplify any of the noise.

Bring the gym to your own home too by ordering this versatile HG40 Strength Station from the Tunturi brand!

Overview of specifications 
• The HG40 Strength Station’s dimensions: L:195 cm (76.8 inches). W: 164 cm (64.6 inches). H: 212 cm (83.5 inches).
• Stitched upholstery with reinforced corners
• Anti-slip rubber floor protection
• High pulley with curved bar
• Low pulley with straight bar
• Free arm movement
• Adjustable seat (6 positions)
• Adjustable backrest (8 positions)
• Adjustable chest & shoulder press
• Separate butterfly chest press
• Maximum user weight: 125 kg (275.6 lbs).
• Leg trainer with foam
• Includes 13 weights, each weighing 5 kg (11 lbs). (total 65 kg/143.3 lbs.)
• Weight stack cover
• Weight: 155 kg (341.7 lbs).
• Colour: Black | Green
• Material: Steel





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