Tunturi Platinum PRO Treadmill 3HP

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This remarkably robust treadmill is the little brother of the Platinum PRO 5HP Treadmill. Although it has a smaller motor, than its counterpart, the Tunturi Platinum PRO Treadmill 3HP is capable of reaching a top speed of 20km/h with ease. This treadmill also has a maximum inclination angle of 15% to simulate running on a hill. When you want the machine to take control of your workout, use one of the 26 challenging training programmes to allow the treadmill to automatically adjust speed & incline during your workout.

The Platinum PRO 3HP Treadmill has an extra wide running deck measuring 157 x 56cm, this is to provide your clients or gym members with as much security as possible and not have to worry about stepping off the edge of the running belt.


  • Maximum speed 20km/h (12.4mph).
  • Up to 15% incline.
  • Maximum user weight 165KG (363.8 LBS).
  • 7″ colour screen.
  • Intuitive wheel for controlling speed & incline.
  • T-Flex shock absorption system.
  • 26 built-in programmes.
  • 3.0HP AC motor.
  • Large 56 x 153cm (22.0 x 60.3 inches) running surface.
  • Flatbed running deck for added stability.
  • Self-lubricating running belt.
  • Transport wheels.
  • Lifetime frame & motor warranty for home users (terms apply).

What to Expect
This version of the Tunturi Platinum PRO has a 3HP AC motor. The speed can be adjusted from 0.8 km/h (0.5 mph) up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph). The user can manage the incline and speed levels with the intuitive wheel functionality which makes carrying out minute changes much easier as well as smaller, more precise adjustments. Having access to such versatility at the twist of a wheel will allow you to have the most rewarding workout possible. The incline motor can deliver a maximum incline level of 15%.

Tailor Your Training Like Never Before
The Tunturi Platinum PRO 3HP Treadmill also has 28 different programmes which allow you to keep mid-workout adjustments to a minimum. Most of the programmes are preset resistance based programmes which will adjust incline & speed as the workout goes along, some are heart rate based and there is a programme specially designed for burning body fat. You will find the heart rate sensors on the handgrips of the machine.

Run on a Solid Surface
The running surface of the Tunturi Platinum PRO 3HP measures 56 x 153cm (22.0 x 60.3 inches). This area enables your clients & gym members to run without fear of coming off the running deck. This machine has been equipped with the T-Flex system which absorbs the shock when running, protecting your joints and making your run extra comfortable.

Flatbed Deck
The Tunturi Platinum PRO 3HP Treadmill has a non-folding, flatbed running deck for extra stability when in use. This gives the machine extra strength and means that it has an unlimited maximum usage time. Perfect for 24/7 hour gyms.

Self Lubricating Running Belt
This machine is extremely low maintenance, which is exemplified by the self-lubricating running belt. Your cardio area will be out of service much less often when it includes the Platinum PRO Treadmill.

Use Apps to Take Give Your Workout a New Dimension
Try registering your workout info to give you all the benefits of seeing your workout progress. Apps such as Fit Hi-Way and iConsole+ will ensure that your training target can be achieved as quickly as possible – simply put your tablet or smartphone on the holder and start with your workout. All the results can be reviewed, compared and shared online with friends. You can enter the specific training schedule in Fit Hi-Way and iConsole+ to reach your goals.

You may also want to train with the Kinomap app. Just like before, just place the tablet or smartphone on the holder and start with your workout. When the level of training is too low or too heavy, Kinomap will understand this as this will be noted by the front camera. Kinomap enables it to run on any route on Earth of your choosing, using Google Street View. This will show you all the picturesque landscapes and adjust the incline of the machine to match the terrain of the route you’ve chosen to run.



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