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The benefits of the TunturiPower Tower PT20
✔ Various workout options without weights, to strengthen your upper-body
✔ Easy-to-use training equipment for use at home or at the gym
✔ Takes up little space
✔ Very sturdy and robust design with a long operating life

Use your own body weight to train
The great thing about the Tunturi Power Tower PT20 is that you don’t need any weights or complicated equipment for an intense workout. Simply use your own body weight to train. The strength station has a sturdy bar at the top, for chin- and pull-up exercises. Vary your hand placement, from close together to far apart, to exercise all your upper-body muscle groups. The grips and armrests in the middle are intended for exercises like dips, leg raises and knee raises. You can also use accessories for the dip-, chin- and pull-up exercises. Accessories like a belt or elastic.

Of course, Tunturi also took your training comfort into account. For example, the armrests feature foam and artificial leather. The hand grips feature foam and the strength station comes with a sturdy backrest. The Tunturi Power Tower PT20 is also ideal for push-up exercises. The front features two special push-up supports. Thanks to these supports, it’s easy to assume a good push-up posture.

Work on a strong, flexible upper body, by using your own body weight and this Tunturi Power Tower PT20. Order now!

Overview of specifications
• The Tunturi Power Tower PT20’s dimensions: L:120 cm (47.2 inches). W: 104 cm (40.9 inches). H: 214.5 cm (84.4 inches).
• Foam-filled artificial leather armrests
• Backrest with stitched upholstery
• Rubber stops for floor protection
• Chinning bar/pull-up bar
• Sturdy dip supports
• Push-up supports
• Maximum user weight:120 kg (264.6 lbs).
• Excluding weights
• Weight 30.5 kg (67.2 lbs).
• Colour: Black | Green



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