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The benefits of the Tunturi Power Tower PT40
✔ Train your upper body using your own body weight
✔ Compact piece of training equipment for use at home or at the gym
✔ Sturdy steel structure with a black matte powder coating, long-lasting
✔ Different exercises are possible for an intense workout

A compact strength station so you can train your upper body
The Tunturi Power Tower PT40 offers different possibilities to train your chest-, shoulder-, abdominal- and arm muscles. It has a sturdy bar at the top, for chin- and pull-up exercises. Vary your hand placement, from close together to far apart, to exercise all your upper-body muscle groups.

Armrests and grips have been included in the middle of the pull-up/dip station. You can use them to perform different exercises, like dips and knee & leg raises. The rubber grips ensure optimal comfort while training, just like the sturdy foam-filled arm pads and the special backrest. The Tunturi Power Tower PT40 is also suitable for push-up exercises. Put your hands on the two sturdy supports at the front and easily assume the correct push-up posture. You can also use accessories, like a belt or elastic, for the dip- and pull-up exercises.

Order the compact Power Tower PT40 and use your own body weight to achieve a strong and healthy upper body!

Overview of specifications
• The Tunturi Power Tower PT40’s dimensions: L:120 cm (47.2 inches). W: 112.5 cm (44.1 inches). H: 221.5 cm (87.2 inches).
• Foam-filled artificial leather armrests
• Backrest with stitched upholstery
• Anti-slip rubber floor protection
• Push-up supports
• Wide pull-up/chinning bar
• Armrests and grips for dips
• Maximum user weight: 120 kg (264.6 lbs).
• Excluding weights
• Weight 35 kg (77.2 lbs).
• Colour: Black | Green
• Material: Steel









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