Waterrower M1 LoRise Rowing Machine with S4 Computer

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Unique in the world of fitness equipment, Waterrowers are a pleasure to use and own. Whatever your fitness level a Waterrower will provide a satisfying workout. And if space is an issue, simply stand the rowing machine on its end when you`re finished.

The Waterrower M1 LoRise Rowing Machine with S4 Computer is a full commercial model with a lower level entry point (300mm/12″) than the M1 HiRise.
The frame is constructed from a fabricated tubular steel.

Waterrower M1 LoRise Rowing Machine with S4 Computer Features:

– QuickStart Feature- simply press the On button and the monitor is ready for use, away you row.

– QuickSelect Feature- most common applications are accessible by pressing just one button and using the navigation button accordingly.

– AutoStore Feature- automatically mains the last 9 historic workout settings for easy recall.

– AutoPreview Function- when maind programs are previewed in their memory location, or when they are loaded ready for a work out, the settings are scrolled through for viewing.

– Zone Feature- set your desired intensity, strokerate or heartrate zone and you are alerted when you are above or below the zone.

– ZoneBar Feature- when you are inside your zone the zone bar tells you where you are within your zone.

– Distance Workout Feature- set a desired distance and work down to zero, average workout statistics will show upon completion along with the total time.

– Duration Workout Feature- set a desired duration and work down to zero, average workout statistics will show upon completion along with the total distance.

– Interval Workout Feature- set a up to 9 work intervals (of distance or duration) separated by rest durations. Receive alarms and statistics at the interval end.

– PC Interface- link the S4 Monitor to your PC and have access to a wide variety of 3rd party and open source software.

– S4 Monitor- Advanced Monitor Settings.

– Manual Workouts Settings Storage- manually main workout settings in one of 9 storage location independent of the AutoStore feature.

– Manual Workouts Settings Retrieval- manually retrieve settings maind above.

– Projected Duration- view projected workout duration during distance workouts.

– Projected Distance- view projected workout distance during duration workouts.

– Ratio- view the ratio between the power and recovery parts of the stroke.

– Advanced Heart Rate Analysis- view Maximum (peak) heartrate- the maximum heartrate achieved, Time spent above the desired heartrate zone, Time spent in the desired heartrate zone, Time spent below the desired heartrate zone.

– Prognostics- view your prognostics (the % of a defined 2km time).

– Set Tank Volume- input the volume of water in the tank, necessary in calculation of power (watts).

– Total Machine Distance- view the total distance that the machine has travelled.
WaterRower Heart Rate Monitoring

The WaterRower S4 Performance Monitor incorporates a Heartrate Monitoring feature. The Heartrate system used is a Polar system. The feature requires a Heartrate Receiver Box and a Polar Chest Belt (shown).

The System displays the Heart Rate in the Heartrate window. You may also set your required Heartrate zones, when you are above and below your set zone an audible and visual signal is produced, when you are in the zone, your relevant position is shown by the zone increment indicators.
The Heartrate Advanced function enables more detailed analysis of your Heartrate Zone workout including:

– Peak Heartrate

– Time spent above Zone

– Time spent in Zone

– Time spent below Zone

PC Software

All WaterRower Performance Monitors (Series 2, 3 and 4) have been designed with PC interface capability

There are several commercially available software products for the WaterRower, including;

– Netathalon- a VR training and racing system.

– Ultracoach- an industry leading Training Software.

– RowH2O- software enhances the process of monitoring and analysing your exercise performance.

– RowYo- Cadence Training Software.

There are several other freeware software applications as well. We leave it to you to search the internet for these offerings

Technical Specifications


Warranties – Commercial warranty is 5 years frame and 3 years parts.


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