York 62.5kg, 65kg Paired Pro-Style Dumbbell Pack (2 Pairs)


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  • The Pro-style dumbbell pack features a shortened and fully knurled 33mm solid steel handle for optimum control improving balance thus reducing hand/forearm fatigue.
  • The non-metallic inside shoulders cushion the chrome plated grip ensuring a solid but comfortable hand balance.
  • Solid steel heads welded to the centre bar and encased with our durable formulae of rubber will increase the longevity of the dumbbell as well as reducing impact noise and protecting floor coverings if dropped.
  • For display and access to easy use York recommend the Dumbbell Saddle rack with its anti-roll saddle cups.
  • This rack will protect the rubber encased dumbbells from damage along with complying to general user safety practices.
  • Full set comprises of 62.5kg to 65kg.


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