York 7ft International Hard Chrome Olympic Barbell (32mm)


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York 7ft International Hard Chrome Olympic Barbell – York applied its vast knowledge in bar design and produced perhaps the highest quality, most functional and attractive Olympic Bar of today. Each bar has been manufactured from North American made steel. The Black Oxide International Bars are finished with a black Oxide coating & feature hard chrome split sleeves. It is a strikingly attractive bar. The Hard Chrome International Bars are have an elegant hard chrome finish and each bar has an impressive grip that is great for both powerlifting and static movements such as squatting and bench press. It is no surprise why this is one of the most popular bars found in Corporate Fitness Centers, CrossFit, Studios and Garage Gyms around the world. York applied its signature “split sleeve” design to each bar which replaces the outmoded bolt and sleeve assembly. This means the sleeve assembly will not loosen or detach. It is tested to withstand 450kg of weight.


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