York DB4 Dumbbell Bench

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York DB4 Dumbbell Bench

York DB4 Dumbbell Bench is a multi-functional dumbbell bench that converts into a sturdy sit up bench. It features 10 incline/decline angles and foam rollers for ankle and knee support. The bench holds a maximum weight of 150kg (331lbs) including user (100kg user + 50kg lifting). Isolating your abdominal and ableak muscles the DB4 bench concentrates your training solely on your target areas. The great thing about this bench is that you can rotate or sit up twisting concentrating your muscles to develop in your targeted areas. This bench is great as sit up bench, however also as good in conjunction with weights, increasing resistance when doing sit ups. Excercises this bench enables you to do: Incline shoulder press, Flat flys, Decline shoulder press, sit ups.

  • Multi-function weight bench
  • Provides 10 incline/decline angles
  • Converts to a sit up bench
  • Foam rollers for ankle and knee support
  • Dimensions: Length=127cm (50”), Width=46cm (18”), Height=124cm (49”)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150kg (330.7lbs) (100kg user + 50kg lifting)
  • Maximum Load: 150kg (331lbs) including user
  • Product Weight: 13.2kg (29.1lbs)
  • Warranty: 1 year

York DB4 Dumbbell Bench


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