York Fitness 50 KG Vinyl Spinlock Dumbbell | Barbell Set

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The York Fitness 50 KG Vinyl Dumbbell and Barbell Set is great way to get your upper body in shape as well as toning, strengthening and defining muscles.

The sets are manufactured to the highest standards in our Canadian factory.

Along with the quality made vinyl weight plates the sets includes two spinlock dumbbell bars and a spinlock barbell all complete with spinlock collars.

The set is perfect to combine with a York Fitness weight bench.

The sets come with a mix of plates weights so that you can focus on developing both larger and smaller muscle groups.

The set contains;

6xYork Fitness 5 KG Vinyl Weight Plates
4xYork Fitness 2.5 KG Vinyl Weight Plates
6xYork Fitness 1.25 KG Vinyl Weight Plates
2xYork Fitness 18″ (45.7 cm) Spinlock Dumbbell bars
2xYork Fitness Vinyl 5″ (12.7 cm) Dumbbell Sleeves
1xYork Fitness 66″ (167.6 cm) Spinlock Barbell
6xYork Fitness Red Vinyl Spinlock Collars
6xYork Fitness Round Black Protective End Caps
1xYork Fitness Barbell Course
1xYork Fitness Dumbbell Course Wall Chart


Key Features

  • Quality weight sets manufactured in Canada.
  • Varied weights to load on dumbbells bar and barbell.
  • Ideal set to complement any home gym set up.
  • Cost effective alternative to cast plates.
  • Safe to handle and easy to clean.
  • Instructional workout guide and wall chart.
  • Max bar weight load 50 KG


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