York Fitness Quest Rowing Machine

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The York Fitness Quest Rower is a great entry level rower perfectly sized to give beginners a quick and convenient home workout. With 12 levels of hydraulic resistance and 4 target programs, it will really get your heart pumping and help improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Ideal for where space is an issue the Quest Rower can easily be stowed under a bed or in a cupboard.The comfortable moulded seat and smooth roller bearing glide action help recreate a rowing stroke in your home.

Rowing is an extremely effective form of exercise. It strengthens the heart, improves circulation, as well as exercising all the major muscle groups from the back, waist, arms, to the shoulders, hips & legs.

To get the most out of your new piece of fitness equipment and see the best results from your training you should exercise at the right level of effort, and that means listening to your heart!

Working out to a target heart rate means you can direct your workout to achieve different goals.

Good health

For those wishing to improve quality of life and general well being. Your sessions will need to be done at an intensity of between 50 – 60% of your estimated maximum heart rate, should last about 30 minutes and can be done on most days of the week.

Weight loss

To see a significant reduction in body fat, your sessions must be a little more intense – between 60 and 70% of your estimated maximum heart rate. These sessions can also be performed on most days of the week for up to 30 minutes.

Improving fitness levels

These sessions should be performed at 70 – 80% of your estimated maximum heart rate
and can also involve bouts of interval training that would have your heart rate peaking for short times near your maximum heart rate level. These are intense sessions and will require at least a 48-hour rest between sessions.

Key Features

  • Perfect entry level rower for beginner level*
  • 12 levels of hydraulic resistance.
  • Comfortable moulded seat with smooth roller bearing action.
  • Aluminium track
  • Pivoting footplates.
  • 4 target Programs
  • Battery powered.
  • Max User Weight 100 KG


  • Length 140 cm
  • Width 43 cm
  • Height 33.5 cm
  • Product Weight 13.7 KG


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