York Medicine Balls




The York Medicine Balls consist of a durable rubber compound material to reduce the bounce element, allowing for a more dynamic range of workout intensity and also a wider range of workouts all together. The textured anti-slip surface gives extra grip to the user thus allowing for a safer workout zone and a more effective workout. Ranging from 1kg to 10kg in 1kg increments and each of the balls are colour coded by weight to make distinction easier.

Medicine Balls Available;

  • 1kg (Light blue)
  • 2kg (Turquoise)
  • 3kg (Pink)
  • 4kg (Yellow)
  • 5kg (Orange)
  • 6kg (Lime)
  • 7kg (Brown)
  • 8kg (Blue)
  • 9kg (Green)
  • 10kg (Purple)

Additional information

Medicine Balls

10Kg, 1Kg, 2Kg, 3Kg, 4Kg, 5Kg, 6Kg, 7Kg, 8Kg, 9Kg


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