Use this recipe to make spicy chicken drumsticks; they come out crispy on the outside but the meat inside remains soft enough to just fall off the bone. Adjust spices and the number of drumsticks to fit your needs. The drumsticks are best served with lettuce or cucumber salad.

The key to getting the meat just right is in coating the drumsticks with butter all over. You only need a thin layer. To make the process easy and mess free simply sprinkle the drumsticks with salt, pepper and paprika and then use disposable gloves to rub the butter in with your hands. You can add diced garlic during the step for an extra kick.

10 chicken drumsticks
paprika, pepper, salt

Makes 5 portions
180 Calories per portion
26g protein
8g fat
1g carbohydrates / 0.5g fiber

1.Take the chicken drumsticks out of the packaging (as many as you need) and, if time allows, let them sit until the meat reaches room temperature. Sprinkle the drumsticks with pepper, salt and paprika and coat them in a thin layer of butter.

2.Arrange the drumsticks inside a deep pan and set the hob to a high setting. Cover the pan and set the timer for 1hr.

3.Flip the drumsticks every 15 minutes to help them cook evenly. Serve hot. Add an extra 5-10 minutes of cooking if the meat is still firmly attached to the bone – it should look exactly as the picture below when it’s done with the meat shrinking slightly and the bone in-between clearly visible